Rendes elszámoltatás helyett “monetary dialogue”. Charles Wyplosz kritizálja az ECB átláthatóságát és párbeszédre való hajlandóságát:

The event’s name, the Monetary Dialogue, tells it all: it is a gentlemanly discussion. Nowhere is accountability mentioned and none of that happens.

The ECB has consistently rejected such criticism. It claims to be fully transparent and therefore accountable. It claims that the minutes of its Governing Council meetings would not be informative, if only because the President faithfully reports the consensus view. That may well be true. Since no one knows exactly what goes on in these most secretive meetings, it is impossible to claim that there is no consensus. But the implausibility of a systematic consensus is witnessed by the occasionally sharp disagreements aired among observers. Secrecy strongly suggests that some important issues are hidden. Even if all is known, accountability does not just require transparency, it also calls for the willingness to engage into in-depth discussion with critics, which calls for far more than the usual restatement of known positions.